Our Chapter Thrives on Community Support

Our chapter succeeds because our community believes in and supports our students, through Dollars For Scholars.  Those listed below have been generous in their support and we invite you to join this list of ADFS Members, Sponsors and Donors.

Organizations, Businesses, Individuals & Memorials

Arlington /Smokey Point Chamber of Commerce, 2001-2013
AHIC Grace Valliant Vocational Scholarship, 2010-2013
AHS Booster Club, 2001-2013
AHS Staff, 2001, 2002,2003,2004,2008-2013
American Legion Auxiliary, 2003-2013
American Legion Post 76, 2001-2012
Arlington Education Association, 2001-2012
Arlington Education Foundation, 2005-2013
Arlington Lions Club, 2001-2013
Arlington Public School Employees, 2005-2013
Arlington Union Firefighters, 2002-2013
Cascade Valley Hospital Foundation "Community Service Scholarship", 2012-2013
Cascade Valley Hospital Medical Staff Scholarship/HighSchool Graduate, 2009-2013
Cascade Valley Hospital Medical Staff Scholarship/Upperclassmen, 2006-2007
Dwayne Lane Arlington Chevrolet (many years) and 2013
Entrepreneurial Scholarship 2013
Friends of Arlington Library, 2004-2012
George and Leona Bohannon Memorial Scholarship 2013
Grandview Community Club, 2002-2013
Haller Middle School PTSA Scholarship, 2013
Helping Hands, 2006-2013
Kiwanis Club of Arlington, 2001-2013
PEO Chapter I, 2005-2013
Arlene & Brad Parker - Inspirational Scholarship 2012-13
Pioneer Elementary School Sunshine Committee Scholarship, 2009, 2012-2013
Post Middle School, 2001-2012
Stillaguamish Indian Tribe, 2007 - 2013
Stillaguamish Valley Genealogical Society, 2006-2012
Benjamin Cory Peterson Mem Award & Directors Award, Steve Peterson & Dale Duskin, 2001-2010
Dianne (Bannon) Bryant Family, 2011-2011
Dick Larsen Family Memorial Scholarship, 2009-2010
Dr Lloyd M & Irene H Williams Memorial Scholarship, 2005-2013
Dr. David Kidd Memorial Scholarship, Colleen & Bill Kidd, 2001, 2003-2012
Earl Bosket Memorial Scholarship, 2011
Eldon Nysether Family, 2007-2008
Florence Kitchen Memorial Scholarship (endowment), 2001-2010
Holly Sloan-Buchanan
Larry & Valerie Bradford, 2011-2013
Loren & Pat Kraetz, 2006-2013
Lyle M Forde Scholarship, 2012-13
Margaret Larson, 2012
Osmundson Family, 2007-2013
Roy Hlavaty Memorial Scholarship, 2005-2013
Sandra Lee Pascua Memorial Scholarship 2013
The Margaret Larson Scholarship, 2012
Tim Hart Memorial Scholarship, Jean Hart, 2001-2013
Troy Dawn Memorial Award, Lori Dawn, 2003-2011
Villari Scholarship - Rikki Tremblay - 2010 - 2013
Vine Street Group 20??-2013
Jim & Sue Weiss 2013

Businesses and Individuals who have sponsored / supported ADFS

Bailey, Duskin, Peiffle & Canfield, PS
Ben Wells, PS
Cuz Concrete
David Abdo, D.D.S.
Eagle Family Dental Center
Edward Jones Investments, Downtown Arlington Office
Flowers By George. Inc
Metron and Associates, Inc.
Paraiso Mexican Restaurant, 2012
Penway Printing & Design, Arlington, WA
Skagit State Bank, 2012
Stilly NAPA Auto Parts, 2006
Union Bank, 2012
Vine Street Group Scholarship, 2005-2012
Whitehorse Family Medicine, 2012